Our Story

A Heritage Worthy of Your Home

Trika is one of the world’s leading producers of museum showcases. Our TrikaMuseum showcases are precision-engineered to preserve and display precious artefacts in museums and galleries around the world. Now we introduce TrikaModern, a hand-crafted range of demountable showcases featuring pristine materials, precision engineering and exquisite design to bring these same performance standards to your home.

Great Work That Works Great

Studuo showcases are precision-engineered to perfection. So the only thing that comes between you and your prized possessions, is the exquisite sound of adulation.

Exquisite Design Meets Exceptional Craft

What happens when you assemble noble materials in uncommon pairings? An immaculate conception of the best showcases money can buy.

The Art Of Imagination

Every artefact, every collection is a story waiting to be told. With Studuo, you have a frame of timeless distinction to inspire the stories upon which memories are made.

Our Values


Timeless in design, yet contemporary in the way our vision has been executed, a TrikaModern showcase is the perfect balance of form and function.


Invisible engineering brings immaculate design to life in each and every showcase. Because we respect the science behind the art.


It’s one thing to make a statement. It’s quite another to do it so sensitively, you draw attention to that which you showcase. TrikaModern provides the perfect frame for the retelling of the timeless stories of your life.

Inspiration & Perspiration

The Quest for the Perfect Showcase

Since 1989, a perpetual quest for the ideal showcase has led the founder (Steil Tan) of Trika, to support a unique furnishing philosophy, drawing traditional handicraft methods with the most advanced precision manufacturing technologies. To him, the role of a showcase is to do its practical job as unobtrusively as possible.

In his relentless pursuit for perfection, his company’s museum showcases have set new performance standards in the field with commissioned installations for museums and galleries across the region.

With the TrikaModern series, design elements are simple lines, geometries, shapes and complex production processes based on extensive research in the finest materials and finishes.