The Art of Imagination

Craftsmanship by Trika

A Weightless Envelope – We started the idea with the materials. A glass envelope, weightless and minimal, yet so structurally strong that it is actually a glass safe.

Glass & Tradition – Pairing Japanese Hinoki pine with premier glass from Schott Germany is a purposeful interpretation of the end result.

It’s All In The Making – Your showcase has come a long way before you even start putting your precious things inside. In any aspect of life, of utmost importance is a solid foundation in the making. That is why we took almost ten years to perfect this case.

Tools – At the very core, our tools are really what defines us as craftsmen. And that your tools are an extension of your hands and mind.

Concealing Functions – We believe that the most important functions must work perfectly without being seen. That’s why we conceal our patented locking devices, precision hinges, and drawer slides.

Ohashi Wood Factory – Our collaboration with this Ogaki-based wood factory came from a shared mind-set around a passion for the discipline of quality craft-work and the minimal expressions in our collective products.

Of Life & The User – The user’s need becomes central to the idea. We went beyond that to make it an everyday object; beyond function, a poetic entry into the life of the user.